With decades of experience, Krel Studios creates memorable branding that’s seamlessly integrated, everything from your logo, down to the look-and-feel of your Web presence is developed to solve your company’s needs.

Logo Showcase

To see a few of these branding projects in more depth, click on any images in the additional slideshows below.

Lori London Branding

A couture bridal milliner with a high concept and fashion-forward line.

They needed branding a logo, Website, marketing materials and advertising to extend and promote their image in the bridal industry. The owner had definite ideas about the look they wanted and Krel Studios came up with the prefect sollution.


Improv Technologies Branding

Software company dedicated to building next-generation broadband multimedia authoring, development, and distribution technologies.

They needed an entire identity system, promotional materials and packaging, and wanted something organic a more hand-made looking, something would be counter to the sort of cold slick graphics usually found in that product area at the time.

Sona Medi Spas Branding

Chain of Medical-Spas throughout the southern states

This chain of Medical Spas needed a wide range of marketing and packiging created, everything from a tri-fold brochure to supplement packaging.

Krel Studios came up with a consistent application of their brand across all materials.

Sweet & Sour Salsa Branding

Documentary film about a revival of Cuban Son music by two Miami ex-pat Kung-Fu masters.

What do you get when you cross Chinese Kung Fu with traditional Cuban music? Sweet and Sour Salsa. A touching, cross cultural documentary about two Cuban American Kung Fu masters that discover a second common passion; music. Their mission; to re-ignite the Cuban musical genre that is the father of all Latin music – Son Montuno.

They wanted a logo that was evocative the project’s period Cuban roots, we ultimately settled on typography inspired by Cuban cigar box labels.

Micro Mobile Theater Branding

Non-profit, public arts, mobile micro-performance venue.

The non-profit had an old school bus they wanted to turn into a mobile venue for small alternative acts form the Miami area and arts scene. They would showcase a variety of small acts, stand-up comics, puppet shows, dance performances, short plays, all delivered in 15 minute performances for only $5.

Krel Studios came up with the black & white super graphics that would help to transform the old bus into a highly visible 21st century micro venue. They also needed pre-launch mock-ups that would be used to help sell the idea to the Miami arts community. Krel also designed signage, a ticket-taker booth, banners, a micro-website as well as advertising, flyers and promotional postcards.

Branding Development

A series of screens showing both branding development and branding application. SFW capital, a private equity firm that invests in leading Information, Software, Industrial and Healthcare Technology companies, wanted a clean traditional typographic logo that would reflect their solid approach to capital investment.

F2F (Friend 2 Friend) was a hybrid social-sales web portal, where members would recommend products to their friends and get rewarded, the wanted something that would feel modern and new.